Why Volunteer?

Running and multi-sport events rely on volunteers.

Racing would be a much more expensive and exclusive support without volunteers as course monitors, registration, finish line supporters offering congratulations as racers complete their challenge, and trained professionals donating their time as on-site medical support.

So when you think of races you’ve run before or when you find out your friends or family members are racing, please consider signing up! Your racers will appreciate your donation, and you’ll walk away inspired.

Our volunteers not only create a safe environment for the athletes to compete in but also have a lot of fun doing it. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment that comes with being part of something that means so very much to the athletes. Ultramax Sports has great pride in the team that we bring to our races and contributing back to the community. Our staff and volunteers are comprised of individuals with a team spirit and camaraderie that makes our events memorable and fun for everyone, not just the athletes.

Already Signed Up to Volunteer? Download and sign the volunteer waiver before the race! –

Volunteer Waiver

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