Ultramax Volunteer Opportunties:

  • 2/15/2015 – Rocheport Roubaix – Click Here to Volunteer

    3/8/2015 – ShamRox 5K & 15K – Click Here to Volunteer

    4/4/2015 – MaxTrax Duathlon – Click Here to Volunteer

    5/3/2015 – TriZou Triathlon – Coming Soon!

    5/30/2015 – Go Girl Run Columbia – Coming Soon!

    8/15/2015 – Epic Mud Run – Coming Soon!

    11/26/2015 – Turkey Trax 5K – Coming Soon!

  • 4/19/2015 – Go Girl Run Springfield – Click Here to Volunteer

    11/21/2015 – AdventureMax Springfield - Coming Soon!

  • 9/6/2015 – Go Girl Run Kansas City – Coming soon!

  • 3/22/2015 – Go Girl Oklahoma City – Click Here to Volunteer

  • 6/27/2015 – Quartermax Triathlon – Coming Soon!

    9/12/2015 – USA Triathlon Club Nationals  – Coming Soon!

Why Volunteer?

Running and multi-sport events rely on volunteers.

Racing would be a much more expensive and exclusive support without volunteers as course monitors, registration, finish line supporters offering congratulations as racers complete their challenge, and trained professionals donating their time as on-site medical support.

So when you think of races you’ve run before or when you find out your friends or family members are racing, please consider signing up! Your racers will appreciate your donation, and you’ll walk away inspired.

Our volunteers not only create a safe environment for the athletes to compete in but also have a lot of fun doing it. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment that comes with being part of something that means so very much to the athletes. Ultramax Sports has great pride in the team that we bring to our races and contributing back to the community. Our staff and volunteers are comprised of individuals with a team spirit and camaraderie that makes our events memorable and fun for everyone, not just the athletes.

Listed below are our opportunities for individuals, families and charity organizations; descriptions of each volunteer role; and links to sign up sheets for our available races.

What will I be doing as a race volunteer?

Ultramax Sports events offer volunteer opportunities for almost anyone who wants to offer their support. Here is a list of our most common volunteer posts and what they entail; please click on each title to find out more about their responsibilities!

  • Registration Packet Pickup

    This position an opportunity for those wanting to help in a fast-paced post working directly with athletes. This position is the best option for individuals that want to volunteer and race.

    Registration/Packet Pick Up volunteers assist with distributing race packets to athletes and hand out t-shirts, goody bags, etc. Some posts in this area include keying names into a computer to print out registration receipts. An Ultramax Sports representative will be present to assist with any questions/issues. Training sessions will always be held 15 to 30 minutes before your shift begins where we will give complete instructions and general information about the event. Volunteers may need to be able to do some moderate lifting in this position. Registration/packet pick up typically takes place the day(s) prior to the event as well as on race day.

    The best part of this post… you will have the opportunity to see how excited the racers are to participate in the event!

  • Aid Station

    This is a good opportunity for groups, families and individuals. Children (over the age of 8 and supervised) make great aid station volunteers!

    Aid Station volunteers offer refreshment and encouragement to racers at the designated aid station locations. Volunteers are responsible for setting up their aid station (all materials are provided) at a designated spot on the course. They will prepare water and sports drinks for athletes as they pass. Volunteers are responsible for cleaning up cups and other litter near their area throughout the event and repacking the aid station materials when the race is finished. Adults may have to lift objects up to 50 pounds.

    The best part of this post… you get to cheer for the racers and they will be glad to see you and grab a drink!

  • Run Course Monitor

    This position is perfect for energetic volunteers who want to be directly involved with the racers. These posts require standing for long periods of time (1 or more hours). If you have friends or family racing this is a great way to be part of the action and cheer for them during their challenge!

    Runs Course Monitors are responsible for offering direction on the course (mostly at traffic intersections), cheering for the runners, and protecting them from traffic and spectators. Although we clear debris prior to race start, volunteers in this position are responsible for clearing any debris that may accumulate during the race. Police will provide traffic control at all major intersections. If a racer falls, monitors should direct other racers away from the accident and to follow the correct emergency procedure that was provided at volunteer check-in. This post requires volunteers who are at least 17 years old and have cell phones on their person during the race.

    The best part of this post… you are playing a huge role in the safety and encouragement of the participants.

  • Finish Line Volunteers

    This position is a great opportunity for individuals, groups and families who want to be directly involved with racers. Requires bending and some moderate lifting.

    Finish Line volunteers will prepare the finish area to greet the athletes by setting out any finisher items (if applicable) and helping organize the water station. During the event, volunteers will honor each finisher with a finisher item (if applicable), hand out refreshments, remove the timing chip and direct finishers through and out of the finish area. Timing chip removal requires some bending to either clip the chips form the shoes (running races) or removing the Velcro strap from the racers ankle (multi-sport). Once the last participant has cleared the area, volunteers will be asked to help break down and clean up the finish area. All necessary materials will be on site at the finish line.

    The best part of this post… you get to celebrate with the racers as they cross the finish line and be the first to offer congratulations.

  • Post-Race Celebration

    This position is best suited for those who don’t want a super early post and want to be directly involved with racers. May require some moderate lifting.

    Post race volunteers are responsible for setting up, preparing, and serving any food and beverages that will be available for the athletes after they’ve completed the race. They will need to make sure beverages are kept cold and stocked. They may also be asked to help setup the awards table for the awards ceremony. All necessary materials will be provided and Ultramax Sports staff will be present for direction.

    The best part of this post… You will get to celebrate the completion of the race with the athletes!

  • Transition Area Monitor

    This is a great opportunity to cheer for the athletes as they prepare for the next step in completing their challenge. This post will require standing for long periods of time.

    Transition Area Monitors are responsible for admitting athletes into the transition area and assisting with keeping the area secure, such as keeping non-participants out. Some volunteers will be asked to monitor entrances and exits. Others will be responsible for directing athletes as they move through the area and answering questions from athletes. The transition area will be barricaded and contain bike racks and space for the athletes to keep their necessary gear.

    The best part of this post… Transition areas are active and exciting as racers move from one leg of the race to the next.

  • Body Marking (Multi-Sport Only)

    This position is a good opportunity for those who would like to volunteer and race or for those who want to finish early.

    Body marking volunteers will mark the racers bib number and age on their arms and legs at the entrance to the transition area. In most cases, provided Sharpie markers are used to mark the racers.

    The best part of this post… You get to be a part of the pre-race excitement as the racers prepare for their challenge.

  • Swim Course Monitors (Multi-Sport Only

    This position is best for those who want an early post and enjoy the water. Some positions require kayaking.

    Swim Course Monitors assist the swimmers by providing support along the outside perimeter border of the swim course, preventing swimmers from straying off course, providing a resting place for tired swimmers if in a kayak, and directing swimmers in and out of the water. Responsibilities include keeping the swim course safe from non-triathlon-related small crafts and providing verbal encouragement to those who stop. Volunteers do not make physical contact with swimmers; instead, they are extra eyes for and an alert system for lifeguards to maintain swimmer safety. Some of these volunteers will be required to be in the water.

    The best part of this post… You’ll witness the start of the race as swimmers hit the water in waves – exciting!

  • Bike Course Monitors (Multi-Sport and Bike Races Only)

    This post is perfect for energetic volunteers who want to be directly involved with the racers. These posts require standing for long periods of time (1 or more hours).

    Bike Course Monitors are responsible for directing the cyclists, protecting them from traffic at intersections and alerting them to course changes and obstacles. Police will provide traffic control at all major intersections. Volunteers must keep spectators off the bike course and remove any debris in the road near their assigned area. If a cyclist goes down, monitors are responsible for directing other cyclists away from the accident and will need to follow the correct emergency procedure that was provided for you at volunteer check-in. It is required to have a cell phone on the course and be at least 17 years old.

    The best part of this post… you are playing a huge role in the safety and encouragement of the participants.