Ultramax Partnerships

Partnering, not just sponsoring events, that’s the Ultramax difference!

What are your company’s marketing goals? Increasing your brand awareness, lead/sales generation or corporate social responsibility.

A partnership with Ultramax Events can deliver that and much more. We focus on unique, highly targeted, results-driven marketing approaches. Because every race is not perfect for every partner, we want to match our events to your goals.

This stimulates innovation and exceptional personal touch marketing.

Our face-to-face touch marketing delivers direct exposures and impressions not possible with traditional mass marketing tools. We seek multi-event partners who understand that the ultimate goal of maximum ROI is best acheived by leveraging each event’s momentum onto the next.

Today, it’s all about getting face-to-face with your market! 

Ultramax will put your company face-to-face with the world of multi-sActive Pic1port! Is the booming active lifestyle audience where you want to be? The Ultramax brand ranks among the most recognized icons in the multi-sport industry, attracting thousands of world-class athletes and first-timers from across the region and nation.

Ultramax Events is one of the nation’s premier event production companies. Ultramax has been in the sports management business for the past 13 years. Ultramax has produced, managed and timed more than 125 events, including many of the largest events in the region and several USA Triathlon national, regional and world championships. The Ultramax Team is 100% focused and committed to the total event experience.

“Our event experience includes the management of seven USA Triathlon National Championships.”

Mark and Amy Livesay are the owners of Ultramax Events and The Starting Block (Columbia and Springfield, Missouri). Together they have finished hundreds of multi-sport events, including 15 Ironman Triathlons. Among those Ironman finishes is a husband-wife appearance Active Pic1at the 2002 Ironman World Triathlon Championships, held on the Big Island of Hawaii. Together, they have raced around the world and have seen first-hand what it takes to deliver a world-class event.

The Ultramax Athlete Market

We can put your company face-to-face with this highly targeted market.

• 53% of event participants are between the ages of 30-44
• The average age of our participant is 38
• On average we have 1-2 spectators per participant at our events
• 60% are male
• 63% are married, while 44% have children at home
• 49% report having white-collar jobs
• 80% of our participants are from Missouri and around the Midwest region
• 50% of our participants do multiple Ultramax Events
• 49% report earning over $100,000 per Active Pic1year
• Average annual income is $126,000

Ultramax Market Exposure Summary

• Unique year long marketing message
• Face-to-Face marketing with our participants
ª Indirect market exposrue to thousands of active lifestyle individuals
* Ultramax Nation newsletter subsciption over 20,000
• VIP race entries
• Over 20,000 in attendance at Ultramax owned event properties
• Market exposure to 40 contracted events with over 150,000 participants
• Access to complete mailing particiapant databases
• Ultramaxnation.com will reciece 250,000 unique vistors and 600,000 page views
• Our Facebook advertising exposure is 5 million impressions per month
• Accss to The Starting Block customers in two locations. Over 15,000 customers per year!

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