Sally Drake TriZou Training Plans

T he 12-week training plan consists of workouts designed to fit your schedule, ability, goals, and preferences. Regular communication with your coach, data analysis, and feedback are all a part of custom coaching. This option is ideal for athletes wanting more contact with a coach, and who have aggressive goals. Sally Drake will provide your training plan using Training Peaks software and will kick off your training with a phone consultation. Sally will also be available at the event to answer questions and support you on your journey to the finish line.

Plan Details:

  • Custom TriZou 12-Week Training Plan that fits your schedule
  • Phone and email consultations
  • Personal coaching and consultation leading up to TriZou
  • Data analysis and feedback

Cost starts at $55

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About Sally Drake

Sally is a USAT Level II Triathlon Coach. Sally enjoys coaching triathletes of all levels from newbie to pro with a passion for helping them achieve or exceed their goals. She specializes in ultra-endurance, much through her experience in completing 13 full Ironman triathlons. Sally also believes in guiding athletes to find balance in training and family life and customizes her clients’ training schedules as needed to maintain this balance. Specialties include long distance triathlon, training with power, nutrition and functional strength.

Sally’s Resume:

Completed 13 full Ironman triathlons.
USAT Level II Triathlon Coach
USMS Level II Certified Masters Swim Coach
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer