Congratulations! You trained hard and crossed the finish line — a huge accomplishment. Now it’s time to let your body heal. Focus on the following post-race recovery tips to ensure that your body recovers and you prepare yourself for success in future races.

  1. Take part in an active-recovery exercise for 30 to 60 minutes. Go on an easy ride after a race to flush the legs, and then give yourself a week or two to get back into your training regimen.
  2. Foam roll your legs after racing to massage the calves, hamstrings, quads, ITB and glutes.
  3. Focus on post-race nutrition. You need fuel to replace what you lost while racing. Consider eating pizza or pasta, bananas, bagels or a recovery shake such as chocolate milk or smoothie.
  4. Use a cool bath or compression recovery boots to improve circulation as your muscles and joints recover.

A good rule of thumb for triathlons is to allow three to five days of recovery per hour of race time. As you tackle more races, and you truly listen to your body, following these tips can help avoid injuries and keep you training for your next big event.


Writer of the blog:
Seth L. Sherman, MD
Assistant Professor|Department of Orthopedic Surgery
Sports Medicine and Cartilage Restoration