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3PM – 7PM: Packet Pickup @ Dublin’s Pass Downtown


6:30AM: Packet Pickup & Late Registration @ Dublin’s Pass Downtown

7:55AM: National Anthem

8:00AM: 15K Race Begins

8:10AM: 5K Race Begins

8:30AM: Post-Race Festivities Begin

9:00AM: Ernie Biggs Dueling Pianos

9:30AM: Beer Mile Packet Pickup

10:00AM: ShamRox Beerfest Begins

10:15AM: 15K/5K awards available

10:30AM: Beer Mile Starts

12:00PM: Mark Barger on stage

**Schedule Subject To Change

2019 Pricing


  • $50 thru 1.4
  • $55 thru 2.15
  • $60 thru 3.14

15K 4-PACK

  • $180 thru 1.4
  • $200 thru 2.15
  • $240thru 3.14


  • $30 thru 1.4
  • $37.50 thru 2.15
  • $42.50 thru 3.14


  • $110 thru 1.4
  • $120 thru 2.15
  • $140thru 3.14

Rules and Policies

Please visit our Rules and Policies page for the most up to date information


Not feeling like running but still want to help out? Sign up to volunteer. Help out at an aid station, at the finish line or during registration. We offer donations to groups and organizations who help us!


Location & Parking

The 2019 Shamrox Run Springfield will be held at Dublin’s Pass Downtown

317 Park Central St., Springfield, MO 65806

Dublin’s Pass parking is limited so get there early! There are numerous other areas around the race site to park. Downtown area parking map can be found here – Downtown Springfield Parking Map

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15K & 5K

Course Description

The 15K and 5K starts and finishes right in downtown Springfield and primarily runs through historic areas of Springfield and Missouri State University campus. The courses are extremely flat and fast with very few hills. Roads will be open to traffic but participants will have full lane closures. Volunteers, arrows and cones will be throughout to help participants stay on course.

Aid Stations

Aid stations will be set at every 1.5-2 miles for both the 15K and 5K. A few aid stations will have porta johns. Each aid station will consist of Hammer Gels, Heed Drink, water and light first aid.


Award Information


  • First Place Overall Male and Female for both the 15K and the 5K
  • First Through Fourth Place Male and Female in the following age categories for both the 15K and the 5K: 14 & Under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80 and over
  • Be sure to stick around after the race for the award ceremony. If you receive an award, you’ll be required to be present at the ceremony. We will not be shipping awards in 2018!

Timing Information

  • MyLaps Bib Tag Timing System – Disposable chips will be placed on your bib when you come to packet pickup. Please follow the simple instructions on the packet carefully. Not wearing the bib properly may prevent you from being timed.
  • Bibs are non-transferable – be careful not to switch with other participants.
  • You must wear your bib at all times or you will not be scored in the event.
  • You may keep your bib following the race or throw it away.

Beer Mile Basics

Test your endurance and your stomach in Springfield’s Shamrox Beer Mile in conjunction with Shamrox 15K and 5K. Beer Milers will unite and determine who is the Beer King and Queen of all the land. Some may fall, some may hurl, some may not even make it but for those that do will display their Beer Mile badge of honor proudly and yelling for all to hear “I conquered the Beer Mile”.

Start Time

• 10:00AM – It will take place following the 15K & 5K. This is a Time Trial Start. Please check back prior to event day for the most up to date information.

**Please note depending on the flow of the 15K & 5K , we may delay 10 to 15 Minutes


$25 thru 3.14

Packet Pickup

Packet Pickup will be at the race site on Saturday, March 16th only from 8:30AM to 10:00AM. You cannot pick up your packets for someone else.

**We will be checking ID’s at time of packet pickup. If you registered and are not 21 you will not compete in the Beer Mile. There are no refunds.

How Beer Miles Work

Each Beer Miler will run 4 laps on a closed course. It will be a staggered Time Trial Start. before each lap, participants will drink approx. 6 oz. of beer in a sectioned off beer garden area dedicated for the Beer Mile. The person who runs the fastest 4 laps and drinks 6 oz. of beer per lap wins! Pretty easy right?

7 Beer Mile Tips

  1. Choose a lighter Beer over a heavier beer. Not really a tip as you have to kinda drink what we give you.
  2. Pace yourself. If you haven’t ran in a while don’t go crazy. You have a whole mile to run and o yea beer to drink on top of that!
  3. Have a designated driver. Make sure you have a designated driver. I don’t think we need to elaborate here. Don’t be dumb!
  4. Respect the Beer Mile. We know it’s only a mile and its only beer but running and beer usually do not go well together like peanut butter and cheese. Eating peanut butter and cheese may have the same affect on your stomach as beer and running……
  5. Practice. Slam one and then do a 50 meter sprint. Take a 3 min break and do it again 5 more times. That will get you ready for the beer mile…………This is a joke, don’t do that you will probably get really sick!
  6. Make sure you are at least 21. Sorry kids only adults can partake in this race
  7. Have Fun. This is going to be a blast so enjoy it! Come with friends, take pictures and make it a memorable experience!

About Shamrox Beerfest

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 16th by joining in on Springfield’s first ever St. Patty’s Day themed beer festival in conjunction with the Dublin’s Pass ShamRox Run 15K or 5K. Located at Dublin’s Pass in downtown Springfield, we will have live music, food trucks, and breweries from all over the region.



8:30AM-4:00PM: ShamRox Run Post-Race Festivites and ShamRox BeerFest @ Dublin’s Pass