Knowing what to pack for a gravel race, especially your first one can seem a little daunting. Hopefully we can try to help you prep with a few tips on what to pack for your first gravel grinder. Now the information below is geared (no pun intended) towards the Rocheport Roubaix, other gravel races like Dirty Kanza, or The EPIC 150 will require you to pack a little differently so make sure you do your research on the race specifics beforehand.


  1. A phone
  2. Money
  3. Tubes (we recommend at least two).
  4. CO2 Cartridges
  5. A small pump inflator
  6. Multi tool
  7. Chain breaker tool
  8. Tire levers
  9. Duct tape
  10. Tire boot

Nutrition and Hydration

Rocheport Roubaix is pretty unique in that we stock every aid station with food and hydration. This definelty varies with other gravel races so do your homework beforehand. Some do not provide any assistance, some require you to stop at c-stores or gas stations so it all depends. This can also be a little difficult to give tips on as everyone has different nutrition and hydration requirements.

In general you will want:

  • A couple water bottles or a hydration back pack filled with either water or some sort of good sports drink. I personally like hydration packs, especially for longer distance races but for Rocheport Roubaix, you will be fine with two or three water bottles (just make sure you stop at the aid stations and refill)
  • Energy Bars – Clif bars, power bars, etc…These are always handy to have with you. Some bars are all carbs and some have protein in there as well.
  • Gels – some people like them, some don’t. I don’t mind them and are very easy to pack with you. There are a plethora of options so try some out beforehand to make sure you stomach can handle it.


Rocheport Roubaix can either be 35-40+ degrees and sunny or 7 degrees so make sure you are paying close attention to the weather the day before the race. You can also take clothes off so it would be wise to layer up just in case. Also, make sure you get clothing that is comfortable. You are going to be on that big for quite a while. The more comfortable you are, the more enjoyable experience you will have. For this tip, we will assume its going to be more on the chillier side.

  1. Helmet – This is required
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Chap Stick
  4. Long sleeve base layer
  5. Long sleeve shirt
  6. Cycling jacket / wind breaker
  7. Cycling pants
  8. Shoe covers
  9. Cycling Lobster Gloves
  10. Balaclava or neck warmer
  11. Merino Wool Socks

Hope this helps a little bit. If you have any specific questions just email us at