1. Pay attention to gravel size.  Pebbles or rock that are smaller in size than your width of your tire, you are good to ride.  Rocks larger than the width of tire riding is not recommended.
  2. Stay to the Right.  Gravel roads can be curvy, steep climbs and long descents, which allows for vehicles easy to sneak up on you.  Best to always stay to the right.
  3. Gear down. High cadence is your best bet in situation where the gravel is loose.  Higher cadence allows you to power through situations where you loose traction and allows you to stay on top of the gear without restoring to standing up-which is bad news for gravel.
  4. Keep weight on back wheel. Staying seated when climbing hills will keep the weight over the rear tire and reduce the chance that you will lose traction.
  5. Stay relax. Make sure to keep your shoulders, arms and hand loose and maintain normal grip on your handlebars.  Use your core strength to maneuver your bike.
  6. Avoid sharp turns. The deeper the gravel the more your front wheel digs in and accentuates any sudden steering movements that you make.  Consistent smooth lines and avoiding sudden movements keeps your bike upright, particular at higher speeds. 
  7. Tire Pressure. Finding the right tire pressure depends on your weight, tire width and rim width. Run your rear wheel PSH higher than your front tire. The front tire can handle a lower pressure, which will help reduce the amount of vibration and jarring going to your arms.
  8. Brake carefully. Brake gently to prevent your wheel from skidding.  If you feel your front wheel begin to skid, release your front break immediately.
  9. Scan the horizon.  Look a head rather than directly at the front wheel.  This way you can see obstacles and have time to smoothly avoid them rather than have to react suddenly.
  10. Don’t be intimidated. Traffic is much lower on gravel riding than typical road riding, which lowers the anxiety of biking.  Motorists are more likely to wave to you while gravel riding (unlike road riding when they give you a different hand gesture).  Gravel riding moves at a slower pace than road riding which gives you time to enjoy your riding partners and mother nature. Gravel riding is an ideal sport that allows you to get outside during the winter months and stay in great shape.