About Mid-America Multi-Sport Series

The Ultramax Sports Championship Series launched in 2004. The Series was expanded in 2014 to become the Mid-America Multisport Championship Series to include more events, updated scoring, and custom apparel as prizes.

The Series is comprised of Ultramax owned events along with a select few of Missouri’s best events. The Series is focused on multi-sport events with athletes competing for free entries and custom branded apparel.

The Races

MaxTrax Duathlon

Saturday, April 2nd

MOI TriZou Triathlon

Sunday, May 1st

Kansas City Triathlon

Sunday, May 15th

Legend Triathlon

Sunday, June 5th

Wildlife Challenge

Sunday, August 7th

Cowboy Up! Triathlon

Sunday, August 7th

Republic Tiger Tri

Saturday, August 13th

QuarterMax Triathlon

Saturday, September 17th

Fresh Ideas HalfMax Triathlon

Saturday, September 17th

The Rules

  1. There is no fee to enroll in the Mid-America Series, although participants must register for each event (individually) as usual.
  2. Athletes must participate in a minimum of four events to be considered in the Series. This requirement encourages regional travel and multiple race entries. Those events that have agreed to be part of the Series are listed above.


Participants are awarded multiplier points or finisher points based on their finish time versus the overall amateur’s finish time. First, the times are converted to minutes (i.e. a time of 2 hrs 15 minutes and 30 seconds would be converted to 135.50 minutes), then the overall winner’s time is divided by each participant’s time, and multiplied by 100. This formula will determine each participant’s base score. Each racer’s six best scores will be counted, along with bonus points for each additional race in the series that is completed.

Scoring Example:

  • Racer A won the race overall with a time of 2:10:45 (130.75 min)
  • Racer B finished in 6th place with a time of 2:25:30 (145.50 min)
  • Racer B’s score: 130.75 / 145.50 X 100 = .89862 base score … or 89.62 points
  • 89.62 X (the specific event multiplier) = Final Series Score
  • Bonus Points will be added to the final race score

RacesDateLocationMultiplier ValueBonus Points
MaxTrax Duathlon Long CourseApril 2, 2016Columbia, MO.9025
MaxTrax Duathlon Short CourseApril 2, 2016Columbia, MO.8025
TriZou TriathlonMay 1, 2016Columbia, MO.9015
TriZou SuperSprintMay 1, 2016Columbia, MO.8515
DuZou DuathlonMay 1, 2016Columbia, MO.8015
KC Triathlon OlympicMay 15, 2016Kansas City, MO.9525
KC Triathlon SprintMay 15, 2016Kansas City, MO.8525
KC DuathlonMay 15, 2016Kansas City, MO.8025
Legend 100June 6, 2016Lawrence, KS.9515
Legend 70June 6, 2016Lawrence, KS.9015
Legend SprintJune 6, 2016Lawrence, KS.8015
Stockton OlympicAug. 7, 2016Stockton, MO.9015
Stockton SprintAug. 7, 2016Stockton, MO.8015
Cowboy Up TriathlonAug. 7, 2016Kansas City, MO.9015
Republic Tiger TriathlonAug. 13, 2016Republic, MO.9015
Republic SuperSprintAug. 13, 2016Republic, MO.8015
HalfMax TriathlonSept. 17, 2016Innsbrook, MO.9930
QuarterMax TriathlonSept. 17, 2016Innsbrook, MO.9525
OctoMax TriathlonSept. 17, 2016Innsbrook, MO.9015

Award Categories

Overall Male & Female Series Champions
Male and Female Masters Series Champions – (Over  40 Years of Age)
Men & Women – 20 and Under
Men & Women – 21 to 30
Men & Women – 31 to 40
Men & Women – 41 to 50
Men & Women – 51 to 60
Men & Women – 61 to 70
Men & Women – 71 to 80
Men & Women – 81 and Over


Overall Male and Female Series Champions

Series Championship Jacket

Free entry into all MAMS Races for 2017

$50 Ultramax Sports Gift Card

Male and Female Masters Series Champions – (Over 40 Years of Age)

Series Championship Jacket

Free entry into all MAMS Races for 2017

$50 Ultramax Sports Gift Card

10-Year Series Age Division Winners

First Place Division

1 Voucher to 2017 Ultramax Sports Owned Event

$50 Ultramax Sports Gift Card

Custom Championship Series Clothing Item (Coming Soon)

Second Place Division

$25 Ultramax Sports Gift Card

Custom Championship Series Clothing Item (Coming Soon)

Third Place Division

Custom Championship Series Clothing Item (Coming Soon)

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