WATER TEMPERATURE: 57 DEGREES (as of 5/11/19 @ 5:30pm)

Our first and foremost responsibility is participant safety. As we progress through the coming days we will be monitoring the water temperature daily. Water temperature updates will be posted on our Facebook Event Page. Due to the lower than normal water temperatures, we will be requiring all olympic distance participants to wear a wet suit if the water temperature stays below 62 degrees. Though not required, it will be highly recommended for all sprint participants to wear a wet suit.

The following changes will take into effect based on water temperature:

  • Less than 62 degrees = wet suit requirement for all olympic distance swimmers.
  • Less than 57 degrees = shortening olympic swim to 600 meters and sprint to 300 meters
  • Less than 54 degrees = Swim canceled. Race will switch to Run, Bike, Run format.

We cannot control the water temperature but we can control the amount of safety and support on the swim course. We will have over 20 life guards in the water at all times, a dive team, kayaks, paddle boards and medical team all dedicated to your swim safety.

We are in constant communication with Longview Marina. They feel confident with the weather over the next couple days, water temperature should reach 60-62 degrees. Thank you for your patience. If we could control the water temperature, we would. If you have any questions or would like to adjust your distance, please email us.