KC Triathlon Training Tip #1

My name is Dr. Robert Sindorf, DC and I am a sports chiropractor at Elite Chiro Care in Overland Park, Kansas.  As the official Chiropractic partner for the KC Tri I will be providing you with training tips leading up to race day.

Your first training tip is to take care of your training equipment, and NO I don’t mean your bike, I mean your body.  It is easy to spend so much time training and working that we tell ourselves we don’t have time to stretch, eat well, drink enough water, or get that pesky little injury looked at by a professional.  These are things that we tell ourselves we will do tomorrow, but unfortunately tomorrow continues to get put aside until there is a bigger injury or a problem.

Lets first talk about the risk of letting a small injury go untreated by a professional.  I have had a lot of patients throughout the years who have come into the clinic two weeks before a race and told me they had an injury that had been bothering them for three months but they are just now having it looked at because they are nervous about the race, and worse yet they are now worried they will not be able to finish the race.  I could have easily treated these injuries at their onset with proper manual therapies, soft tissue work such as Active Release Technique, Grasten, or Dry Needling, and simple rehab exercises to strengthen and stretch different muscle groups.  Instead they spent months training on something that was painful and inhibiting their performance, as well as complicating their treatment and recovery, and ultimately putting all of their training in jeopardy with potentially not being able to race.  If you have an injury, ache, or pain that doesn’t seem right, give me or your favorite sports doctor a call and have it checked out sooner rather than later.  I promise your race performance and experience will improve dramatically without the worry of an ongoing injury.

Now, lets next talk about the benefits of stretching and hydration.  If you read enough books or articles they will tell you to stretch and not to stretch.  I am a big fan of stretching before a workout.  The type of stretching that I promote is called dynamic stretching, which is where you stretch with very gentle movement and you do not hold the stretch for an extended period of time.  The old school form of stretching would have you hold a stretch for about 30 seconds at a time.  Research has shown that stretching in this manner before exercise has minimal benefits.  Although, dynamic stretching where you stretch with gentle movement helps to get the muscles and tissues moving through a range of motion they will be used for as well as get them ready for the load they will be placed under during your activity.  Dynamic stretching is a great way to warm up your muscles and get them moving, which will decrease your risk for different injuries.   I will be providing you with a great dynamic warm up during your next training tip.  Please also remember if you have an injury, ache, or pain that doesn’t seem right give me or your favorite sports doctor a call and have it checked out.


Happy Training!

Dr. Robert Sindorf, DC

Elite Chiro Care


7121 W. 95th St,

Overland Park, KS 66212





*Dr Sindorf is an avid runner and athlete.  He is the staff doctor for Garry Gribbles Running Sports and he is also part of the sports medicine team that treats all the athletes for Johnson County Community College.  He has previously been a chiropractic provider for the Kansas City T-Bones Baseball Team, and the Kansas City Smoke Elite Track Club. 

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