Kicking off your Season

by Sally Draketrilogo1

As spring is right around the corner, it is time to get your gear organized for a successful triathlon season. Whether you are doing your first or have been racing for years, rounding up and reviewing your training and racing apparel, nutrition, and gear on hand will provide a base for a super, stress free kick-off. Let’s get started!

Bike Maintenance and Fit
1) Clean your bike – dirt and grease can lead to mechanical problems and also slow you down. Using a damp cloth with bike cleaner or all-purpose spray cleaner to wipe down the frame. Cleaning and lubing the chain and other bike parts are important, if you don’t know how to do it, go to your local shop and have them educate you or pay them to do it.
2) Check the tires – check carefully for cuts, cracks, or lodged debris in your tires. Also, if the tread is worn it may be time to replace. Again, your bike shop can help!
3) Bike Fit – if you are not comfortable on your bike, seek a professional bike fitter in your area. There is plenty of discomfort in the sport of triathlon, eliminate what you can. Excessive seat pain, numbness in hands or feet, pain in your back, neck, knees…..are all signs that your bike may not be set up appropriately (or may not be the right size) for you.

Appropriate and Fresh Apparel
New to triathlon? Check out my blog post for more details!
Triathlon apparel – be sure that it fits as you enter into the new season. As we all know, winter and holidays can affect our eating/drinking habits and lead to weight gain. On the flip side, maybe you have worked at metabolic efficiency and weight maintenance or loss, good for you! Either way, try on your racing and training apparel from last year to make sure it fits. For racing, a snug fit is important for less drag in the pool and on the bike, and for less chafing on the run. For training, a looser fit is fine.
Swim starters – check your swimsuits that you use in training. They should also have a snug fit. Choose chlorine-resistant styles (Speedo and TYR have wonderful options) for a suit that will last through your season. You will also avoid the potential of thinning or splitting fabric at the pool, yikes! Goggles should be replaced regularly. The anti-fog and seal around your eyes will wear down over time. Tip: replace goggles 2 weeks before a big race, nothing new, continue with a brand/style that has worked to avoid problems.
Run necessities – running shoes should be in good condition all year ’round, not just in season. Your local running store (Ultramax Sports!) can take a look at your shoes to see if they are in safe shape. This is key to not only top performance, but injury prevention.

Other Items and Race Day Supplies
Training and Racing Sports Nutrition Products – stock up on your favorites! Not sure what to use? Ask the professionals at Ultramax Sports.
Body Glide – keep it in your bag for chafing and blister prevention.
Race belt – handy to attach your race number, no pins to fumble with.
Consultation with a Coach to review your season! [email protected]