Help In The Struggle to Eat Healthy: PureFit Meals

It takes time, energy and sacrifice to eat healthy and in our busy, busy, distracted world, this can seem very daunting.

One of the most prevalent mistakes in today’s running community is the idea that we can outrun our bad nutrition, that if we just run enough we will become efficient, lean, and ultimately healthy, and maybe have a beach worthy bod to boot.

We are a short-sited society right now, and while that works for a time, it is not what we truly want or need. Running to eat, especially if we are making poor nutritional choices, could actually be worse than not running at all. When we run, we stress our bodies. Surely we can all feel this? And when we stress our bodies, we need good quality, nutrient dense food to help it repair and be ready for the next effort.

In the long run, there will also come a day when we can’t log as many miles, right? This could be due to an illness, an injury, or even just old age. So what will happen then? If we have not changed our eating habits and merely hoped we could outrun them, they will still be there ready and willing to push our bodies back to the weight that we just struggled and fought to lose.

The Struggle to Eat Healthy

It is an understatement to say that eating healthy in today’s world is a real struggle. Not only do we need the knowledge to pick “good” food, but we also need the information AND the desire to say no to “bad” food. To make matters worse, most of those seemingly “bad” foods taste AMAZING.

So let’s say you are able to just that. You go to the grocery, figure out only good stuff to buy and none of the bad. In the check out line you feel like a rock star. You load your groceries into the car, head home and start to unload them. Just then, your 4 year old runs out crying, your 8 year old starts talking to you simultaneously about what he did NOT just do to his sister, you remember you have a deadline tomorrow at work, they have school lunches that need to be packed, tomorrow night you will be gone at one of a million soccer games, and tomorrow morning you DESPERATELY want to go running.

Or maybe you are single or don’t have kids. It’s not like you don’t have a full life too. You have a place to keep clean and repaired all by yourself. You work hard, probably too hard, are an amazing friend and daughter, and love to give of yourself to others.

Ah, yes, life is busy.

And now you want to add taking the time to prep, cook, and research how to eat healthy.


Sweet, one more great, really important, life changing, life-giving thing, that HAS to be done.

It is a great concept. We all want to be and eat healthy but when we try to carve it into our reality, we often realize that something has to give.

It would be nice if the “Easy Button” really existed because if it did, I think most of us would push it.

PureFit Meals


We are fortunate to have Purefit Meals as a sponsor of our Columbia Go Girl Run. They are a Columbia based company that will deliver gluten free, dairy free meals right to your door if you live in the Columbia or Jefferson City area. They use the highest quality ingredients and will inevitably squeeze in those elusive vegetables that you have no idea how to cook.

Each meal is 350-450 calories and there are no contracts. How awesome is that?! You can try it for a week and see what you think.

Changing our eating habits is hard, super hard. Going out to eat is a total crapshoot. Maybe you have a truly healthy place to go, but even if you order a salad, most of the dressings are full of sugar and oils that we shouldn’t be putting into our bodies. Pre-packaged foods at the grocery are full of chemicals that are completely foreign to our systems and also end up sabotaging our best efforts.

Even if you are someone who feels pretty confident in your ability to cook and eat well, it takes a lot of time, Inevitably, we start eating the same thing over and over again. It would be nice to have some variety.

Check out the PureFit menu It is like fine dining at your doorstep.  The meals are not just healthy, but AMAZING and certainly not the staples I cook day in and day out.

We only get one body. We only get one life. The sooner we develop good eating habits, the stronger and healthier we will be now and into our later years.

Columbia Go Girl racers, you will have the privilege of tasting PureFit food first hand post race! At Go Girl, we always try to provide healthy, but great tasting post race food and this promises to be our best yet! Thank you PureFit meals!



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