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Go Girl Run is a true celebration of friendship and sisterhood

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We Are Giving Away 12 Free Entries To Go Girl!

Friends help friends and true friends find great joy in being a part of each others' success. There is nothing that brings us more fulfillment than seeing the joy on these ladies' faces as they [...]

Lessons Learned From Doing A Race

I am constantly amazed by the lessons I learn while running especially when I do a race. I have been running for about 20 years now and I STILL learn things every time.   Yesterday [...]

8 Week Beginner Half Marathon Training: Is This Even Possible?

Can a beginner train for a half marathon in just 8 weeks? Absolutely. Are you on the fence about signing up for a fall half marathon? If it is around the time of Go Girl [...]

Good Versus Great: Your Time is Precious

“You just need to make time.” “I wish there was just one more hour in the day.” “I wish time could just stand still.”   We can wish all we want, but time is time [...]

I Thought Summer Running Would be Great, But It’s Not!

Ah, summer is here, the long awaited Oasis for running right? All winter and into the rainy season of spring, we wait anxiously to feel the warmth of the sun on our shoulders. We long [...]

3 Ways to Improve your Running Cadence

Running cadence sounds sooooo B-O-R-I-N-G that I bet many of you are tempted not “waste” your time on this today.   Trust us.   We know your time is worth a lot.  This will pay [...]

Go Girl Run helps support local charities and improve the lives of women

Get Fit, Inc. is our team-empowerment and company branding program. This program was created for companies or groups looking for a unique and fun way to build camaraderie, support the local community, promote health and fitness and gain branding and marketing exposure.

Learn More about Get Fit Inc.

Go Farther in 2016

Run three Go Girl Half Marathons (or marathon) in 2016 to earn the polycosmic hoodie

The rules are simple, getting there isn’t. If you can cross the finish line in 3 of 4 Go Girl Run Half Marathon’s or Marathon’s in 2016, you will earn a special one of a kind poly tech pullover. 5K triple crown finishers get a special triple crown tee. For only $20, 5K triple crown finishers will be able to purchase the pullover after they finish ($45 value).  It will be the perfect way to showcase your Triple Crown accomplishment to the world. We will track the number of events each participant does throughout the season. Triple crown winners will receive their item at Go Girl Columbia and Go Girl Kansas City for 2016.

Every journey begins with a single step

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