Fellow AdventureMax Racers,
Ultramax has been putting on events for over 20 years now! This is the first time we have ever had to post something like this about one of our long standing events. Unfortunately, we will NOT be moving forward with AdventureMax event this year. As with many events these days, the number of registrations for AdventureMax are not at a level that can keep up with the continued increase in costs to produce this event. Ultramax is not in the business of putting on subpar events. We are in the business of putting on high level events at an affordable price. This year, we are in a position that we cannot do that with this event.
The finances surrounding the event are a huge factor, but not the only factor. As you know, we had an incredibly serious injury to one of our team members earlier this year. That situation, along with other unfortunate and unforeseen issues have set us back, and honestly we are still recuperating from them.
We are athletes just like you. We put on events because we love events and love providing a service to the active lifestyle community. This is the absolute last thing we wanted to do and deeply apologize for the inconvenience & frustration this may cause. With that said, All those who are currently registered will receive a full refund. We will be issuing full refunds within a couple of weeks.
Although, we will not be moving forward with AdventureMax in 2019, we are a part of several fantastic events that you might want to consider.
We want to thank Springfield Brewing Company for the continued support over the years. They really helped take this race to the next level and appreciate everything they have done for us. Also a huge thank you to Trailspring. Two Rivers is a beautiful venue for a trail race. We lastly want to thank you, the participant. Thank you for supporting this event. We know your time is valuable, especially on the weekends. 
We are deeply, deeply sorry for this unfortunate news but look forward to serving the active lifestyle community for many years to come. If you have any question, please feel free to email info@ultramaxsports.com 
Thank you,
Mark Livesay | Owner
Ultramax Sports