• Natural Running Clinics by Ultramax Sports

    Ultramax Sports is extremely proud to offer “Gaitology” video gait analysis system, also known as the science of the perfect shoe fit (at least to those with a heavy background in molecular biochemistry with a dash of awesomeness mixed in.)

    Gaitology allows our staff to review your gait, foot, alignment, and pronation degree in both a dynamic and static setting. This dynamic shoe fitting process is EXCLUSIVE to Ultramax Sports, and incorporates the following research and testing overviews in Arch Type, Static Leg Axis, Foot Alignment, Dynamic Leg Rotation, Mid-line Evaluation, Foot Width, Shoe Tilt Analysis, Foot Flexibility Evaluation, and Left and Right Pronation Review.

    The process of Gaitology is detailed, though generally only takes around 30 minutes or so. We will take 30-45 second of video while running or walking on a treadmill, with and without shoes. These images are then reviewed with you on a computer screen and played back frame-by-frame. Our trained staff will review the entire process with you. You will see for yourself how your legs and feet interact. After this process is complete you will understand how the correct shoes will dramatically improve your walking or running. No special clothing or preparations are required. You won’t even break a sweat!

    Gaitology is for everybody and is something we strongly encourage, even if you’ve been fitted before (as our bodies and lifestyle patterns are in constant change.) Come in today to get started. It’s easy, and encompasses the following five progressive steps:

  • “Discovery”

    We start off with a quick Q&A session to help us better understand your running or walking goals. We will review your running history, injury issues, and prior shoe experiences.

  • “Research”

    A series of simple dynamic tests that we use to better determine your structural shape, rotation and alignment of your feet, knees, and hips.

  • “Testing”

    The most active part of Gaitology! We take you to the treadmill, get you to a comfortable walk or run pace. We track your gait using our analysis software and record it to video. Afterward, we’ll show and review the results with you!

  • “Fitting”

    The data is collected and the testing complete. Our expert staff will now bring out a selection of shoes that are specifically matched to you! You choose the shoe that fits the best.

  • “Graduation”

    We’ve made our recommendations and you have chosen a shoe that fits you best. It’s now time head out into the world and get running. Congratulations… You just graduated!


  • Why should you be professionally fit for running and walking shoes?

    Our trained staff will take you through our exclusive Fit Perfect fitting process and prescribe the correct shoes for you – taking into account running style, running goals, body type and build, foot and body biomechanics, foot shape and profile, and injury status.

    We studied and researched how shoe fitting and gait analysis techniques were being done around the world. We took the very best and merged those concepts into our exclusive fitting system. You won’t find a system like ours ANYWHERE!


  • We have a complete line of only the very best running shoes.

    The technology that has gone into running and walking shoes over the past decade has made it possible to fit nearly every foot type. Our trained staff will take you through our exclusive Fit Perfect fitting process and prescribe the correct shoes for you, whether they be:

    • Newton

    • Brooks

    • Saucony

    • New Balance

    • Mizuno

    • Asics

    • Adidas

    • Pearl Izumi

    • Vibram Five Fingers

    When you are fitted at Ultramax Sports with our exclusive Gaitology analysis system, you can rest assured that everything has been done so that you can enjoy you sporting activity in comfort, with the knowledge that you are reducing the chance of injury and increasing performance. The Ultramax Sports shoe policy guarantees it! The only thing that rivals our fitting system is the exceptional customer service, and multisport knowledge and advice you will receive when you visit the store.

    Stop by one of our three locations and see for yourself what everyone is talking about! NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY!