Our Services

Ultramax Sports has evolved into an all-inclusive active lifestyle company. The company is very diversified and now reaches into virtually all corners of the active lifestyle market. Ultramax owns and operates two running/multi-sport retail stores in Springfield, MO, and Columbia, MO. As well as the event production headquarters in Columbia, MO and a new branch in Oklahoma City, OK.

Ultramax Sports will provide comprehensive event services to more than 150+ events next year. The Ultramax Sports brand now ranks among the most recognized and respected brands in the industry, attracting participants and partners from across the region and nation.

Ultramax Sports is completely focused on the total event experience. Quite simply, our events are the best of the best! We believe our reputation speaks for itself. Not many events can match the energy, enthusiasm, emotion, and sense of accomplishment that Ultramax provides to its participants. We feel this kind of touch marketing is exactly what our event partners are looking for.

“We are in the sports management business full-time and we understand exactly what it takes to deliver amazing event productions!”

Our resume includes:

  • MLB All-Star 5K – KC
  • MLS All-Star 5K – KC
  • Firefly Run – KC
  • Kansas City Marathon – Kansas City
  • Komen Race for the Cure – NE, KS, KC, Mid-MO
  • Jingle Bell Run – KC, Columbia
  • Turkey Trot Springfield – Springfield
  • Redbud Classic – OKC
  • Go Girl Run Series
  • Joplin Memorial Marathon – Joplin
  • Bass Pro Marathon – Springfield
  • Garmin Marathon – KC
  • Trolley Run – KC
  • Kansas City Triathlon – KC
  • Redman Triathlon – OKC
  • USAT Club Nationals – KC, STL
  • USAT Age-group Nationals – Myrtle Beach
  • Legend Triathlon – KS
  • Legend Ad Astra – KS
  • Cedar Creek Triathlon – KC
  • Memorial Triathlon – KC
  • Jackson County Triathlon – KC
  • WIN for KC Triathlon – KC
  • Tinman Triathlon – KC
  • Tour de BBQ – KC


We are THE most experienced running, cycling and triathlon timing company in the region. We have over 17 years of complex multi-sport timing experience and are the premier triathlon, data solutions and event management company in the area. There is no event we cannot time or help produce. If you work with us, we will go above and beyond to provide the absolute best services and equipment available.


Event Production & Management

  • Our Team has years of experience related to event logistical and technical management. Services can be custom tailored to fit the way you need for a simple flat fee. Event management services can cover the full range of event productions, operations, communications, safety and marketing.

    Our services can include, but are certainly not specifically limited to:
    • General event consulting.
    • Comprehensive course management, equipment delivery and course coordinator staffing.
    • Coordinate with the event to provide athlete pre and post email communications.
    • Supply, deliver and setup the rental equipment needed for the event. The equipment Ultramax can provide as part of our comprehensive contract is included on the inventory list.
    • Event Sanctioning and City Permitting
    • Race Site Layout and Flow
    • Sponsorship and Volunteer Recruitment
    • Course Design & Traffic Control
    • On-site and comprehensive race weekend staffing & management
  • We own, warehouse and manage our own equipment inventory. If you need it to produce a running, triathlon, obstacle or cycling event, chances are we have it in our inventory. We are capable of supplying the equipment needs for races up to and exceeding 12,000 participants. We provide flat rental fee proposals that include the delivery, setup and takedown. Equipment rental needs and quotes will be prepared on an individual basis.

    If you want to add an amazing look and feel to your event, we do that in grand fashion.

    Equipment Listing
    Aluminum Finish Truss's
    Trucks and Trailers
    Crowd Control Barricade
    Blow Up Arches
    Swim Buoys
    Professional Sound Equipment
    Awards Stages
    Bike Racks
    Course marking equipment


  • Ultramax Sports has a complete and comprehensive marketing service. We have full-time staff dedicated to graphic / web design. We can include your event on our schedule along with a full range of marketing promotions

    • The Ultramax Sports social media pages now have over 13,000 fans and is growing rapidly.
    • Ultramaxsports.com receives over 350,000 unique visitors and over 1.5 million page views annually.
    • Your event will have indirect exposure to hundreds of thousands of active lifestyle individuals affiliated with the Ultramax Sports active lifestyle brand.
    • The Ultramax Sports Nation Newsletter has over 100,000 qualified subscribers! We send over 2 million newsletters each year.
    • We have three Ultramax Sports retail stores in Columbia, Springfield and Kansas City, Missouri. We can distribute your event information in each customer sales bag. Over 25,000 customers!
  • Do you just need advice and prefer to go on your own. Our consulting services can be recruited for a simple flat fee and can cover the full range of event productions, operations, communications, safety, sponsorship and marketing. This can include on-site consulting assistance.
    Our base rates: $50 per hour phone / $75 per hour on-site.

Advanced Timing Services

  • BibtagMYLAPS BIBTAG SYSTEMS - The Disposable Race Number / Chip Option

    The BibTag System is the very latest in timing technology. This system combines the race number and the timing tag into a more friendly handling process. This system dramatically reduces the time needed to handle, issue and recover timing chips. The modular mat design allows a flexible width for each timing point. The accuracy of results is simply amazing and the system can handle extremely high volumes of start and finish line passes.

  • AMB Pro Chip Timing Solution
    The AMB Chip X System is one of the most advanced chip timing systems in the world today. The ChipX system can accurately score up to 80 Pro Chips per second, at speeds up to 45 mph, the perfect solution for multi-sport and cycling events. The Active system was designed to provide accurate results to 1/100th of a second without the need for redundant back up. These timing boxes score at (.000 accuracy) and have the flexibility to fit your event needs. The detection loop is adjustable to a full 12m (39 ft) depending on your course layout needs. The loop/wires can be taped directly to the course surface or even embedded. Our system can accommodate very wide transition openings with no restrictions on in and out athlete traffic. The same transition opening can be used for multiple splits.
  • This is the ultimate tool for live timing updates. Sports Flash is a social media based application that posts/sends a message when an athlete passes a timing point during an event. Participants, friends, family and spectators can sign up to follow any participant in the event using the Sports Flash application. The process is crazy simple. You can simply sign up and select the updates you want to receive, and how they want to receive them: through Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email. The best part is just about any event can afford this service.
    • Customized message to athletes, friends, family and spectators
    • Amazing branding opportunity for events and sponsors
    • Exposure to 70+ Facebook walls per post (average)
    • Delivers instant information about athlete’s achievement
    • A great way to spread the word about your event
    • A very simple user interface.
    • You can check out the interface: https://sportsflash.mylaps.com/
    • Custom Post Event E-mail Results – We can deliver custom results via graphical e-mail notifications immediately post-event.

Athlete Services

  • Online Registration - Ultramax Sports has worked with a variety of online registration systems and we do not anticipate any problems using any online registration system. If you want us to manage the data process we will need to have admin login access to your online registration service.

    Packet Pickup Registration Receipt Print Stations – This service is exclusive and proprietary to Ultramax Sports. We set up computer terminals at the entry to packet pickup / expo area. Pre-registered participants simply report to one of those stations as step one of the packet pickup process. The staff/volunteers operating those stations will print out a personal registration receipt for each participant. These printed receipts can be complete customized according to packet pickup needs. They can contain Bib Number, Membership #, Name, Age, Sex, Shirt Size, Team Name, Upgrade items and anything else required by the event.

    NEW FOR 2015 - Dynamic Bib Number Assignment – We have added a new option to the same registration receipt process. The process works exactly the same, except now we can dynamically assign racer numbers the participants as they arrive at packet pickup. This new addition will dramatically streamline the entire packet pickup process. The participants will get the same printed receipt along with their bib number and timing chip in one quick step. This new addition eliminates the need for volunteers to look through bins for the correct packet numbers.

    Email Registration Receipts – If we are not doing dynamic assignment, we can email the participants registration receipt a few days before packet pickup. Your athletes can simply print out or show them on their phone when they arrive at packet pickup. This allows them to bypass the registration receipt step above. This service only is available if the event is not utilizing our new dynamic racer number assignment process.

    Timing Packet Preparation – We now offer up to three bib number and timing chip options in our service proposals. Ultramax Sports is now exclusively using the MyLaps BibTag disposable chip system for running events. The timing tag is placed on the actual race bib and is disposable. This eliminates the need to prepare individual participant packets. This process works great and was specifically designed to compliment our Registration Receipt and Dynamic Racer Number Assignment processes listed above.

    Packet Pickup Management Service - Our Team has the ability to oversee and help manage the entire packet pickup process. We can work your existing volunteer staff as we integrate our registration director into the process. We have tons of experience in packet pickup operations. Ultramax staff will be on-site for packet pickup operations is using the Registration Receipt Print Stations or Dynamic Bib Number Assignment packages.
  • This new service is also exclusive and proprietary to Ultramax Sports. We can provide computer laptops at packet pickup. Athletes simply walk up and register themselves as they arrive at packet pickup. This service is great for the expo and packet pick-up process.

    • Dramatically improves data quality and integrity
    • Accurately captures important address and email marketing data
    • Has a solid digital waiver signature process. The system actually stores all digitally waivers in one single pdf document. This document can be delivered to event management for permanent record keeping.
    • VR can also eliminate all paper entries. The system also stores all complete registration forms in one single pdf document. This document can be delivered to event management for permanent record keeping.
    • Can be immediately imported into the timing system with no delays
    • Our VR system has live accounting, reporting and admin functions built into the system to run payment and registration type reports in real-time.
    • No more paper registration forms, no more paper waivers.
  • Ultramax Live Print Results Stations – This feature has quickly become our most popular advanced timing services. We set up multiple computer terminals and printers. Participants simply walk up to get a personal printout of their individual results. Results are b printed on 3” thermal receipt paper. Race name, date, overall finish time, pace, splits, overall place, gender place, division place and much more can be printed on the custom results. This is a great way to make that important last impression and participants love this service. This service is free to larger events.

    Custom Printed Finisher Certificates – Our Live Result Print Stations can also print official finisher certificates. This low cost service is very popular with the longer running and triathlon events. This is a great customer service options and is very popular with Half and Full Marathon events.

    Live Online Searchable Results - We upload results from the race site to our results website every few minutes. Our online results are posted in a searchable database format. Athletes, friends and families can easily search and find results they want. This platform works great on mobile devices. We provide the event with a graphic and web link in advance of the race. This will make race results immediately accessible from your website on race day.

    Race Day Printed Results - Our goal is to provide your event with posted and printed results every few minutes (starting just minutes after the first finisher crosses the finish line. If requested, we can post results at multiple locations for easy access by the participants.

    Live Announcer Screen - We will set up a dedicated computer or mobile tablet to provide your race announcer(s) with live monitoring of the finish line. The announcer will be able to see name, city, state, and division as the athletes cross the finish line. NEW FOR 2015 - Our new mobile announcer tablet allows the announcer to move around the finish line and interact with the participants.

    Award Results - We can print specific award result sheets that are customized and printed for your awards ceremony. This makes the entire awards process run much smoother. We can provide award results as soon as needed.