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About Our 3.1 Program

If you’re reading this site, you’ve been thinking about making the commitment to become more active and healthy. You already know it’s going to take some effort and it will be a challenge to get started. You have to ask yourself, what is your health worth to you? What are you worth to your family? You owe it to yourself!

The Ultramax Sports Couch to 3.1 program was designed to get you running or walking and help you do it the right way! This fun group fitness program will get you active and moving again.IMG_1701 We do recommend bringing a friend or family member to join in on fun. You can get fit together. This will give you support and accountability. You will need both to achieve success. You may have a hectic work schedule, be away from home, or even have some kind of illness or injury. These are reasons to join the program, not avoid it. Everyone has some difficulty adjusting to a new workout regimen, but the group training aspect and our fantastic coaches make it easy to stay focused and engaged.

Over the past few years this program has helped hundreds of people get started on the fitness path. The concept is simple! Give us a little time each week and set your goal to do a 5K.

So many people are turned off by running simply because they start off too fast or try to run too long. It has taken a while to get your body out of shape and it needs time to adjust to this new activity. It is easy to get impatient. If you do it our way, you will enjoy it, look forward to it and you will have a better chance of staying with it.

follow link We will ease you into the program. Our program is less focused on running and more focused on walking or jogging. The goal is to transform your outlook on fitness and get you ready to comfortably run, jog or walk a 5K. Running or walking faster will come with time and can wait until your bones and muscles are ready.

I love being part of such a great group. You all are such great coaches and I appreciate the continuous support and encouragement!
source link Jennifer Larkin
It’s difficult to express how much this program meant to me. It was such a wonderful thing to be with coaches who cared not about how far I could run or how fast, but about teaching me to love running, the health benefits, and fellowship that go along with running. Also, I truly believe I made some forever friends. Get involved – you’ll love it too!
order Lyrica Pat Bramer
I starting running with the very first Couch to 3.1 group at the Springfield store location back in June 2011. All of this is pretty amazing because I came pretty close to not even entering the store out of fear. I was overweight (over 200 lbs) and was not a runner. Since that day, I finished that group and went on to do several 5ks, a 10k (March 2012), and my first half marathon (Nov 2012) with the best running partner I could ask for, my husband Dwayne. I have lost 30 pounds and 40+ inches; my before and after photos show quite a physical transformation. I have found a love and a passion for running along with encouraging others to start running and living a healthy, active lifestyle.
Kesta Smith

The Couch to 3.1 program was designed to get you running OR walking and help you do it the right way! Develop your skills with twice weekly coach led runs.

Couch to 3.1 program was designed to get you running or walking and help you do it the right way! Develop into a runner with twice weekly coach led runs while training for an upcoming event.

Our program will begin each spring and fall with an informational meeting that will be held at the Ultramax Sports Columbia Store location.

The group typically meets every Monday and Wednesday night at 5:45 at Ultramax Sports located at 700 East Broadway.

Cost is $69.00 which includes a Couch to 3.1 tee and your race entry.  (21 sessions)

We have had so many “graduates” who say that joining this program changed their lives. It not only allowed them to become more fit, but also introduced them to a wonderful new community who support and encourage one another.

Please stop in our retail location or call 573-874-1803 with any questions you may have!

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