My name is Dr. Robert Sindorf, DC and I am a sports chiropractor at Elite Chiro Care in Overland Park, Kansas.  As the official Chiropractic partner for the KC Tri I will be providing you with training tips leading up to race day.

Do you ever feel like you are constantly training but your race or training time and fitness level is not changing?

If you are a casual triathlete who just logs whatever distance you feel like when training then you may be making a mistake with your training. When you have a training program usually it is focused around how far or how fast you run, bike, or swim and the program has little specificity for how fit and ready your body is for the mileage that you are going to be putting it through. Your training program may be a great program, but for a lot of people but it may not work the best for your body. If you really want to dial in your training for your body you should try heart rate zone training.