Ready to Roll on Race Day

– by Sally Drake

A triathlete is the type of person who knows the importance of organization. Many of us leave in the morning looking like we are heading out for a weekend excursion….a bag for the gym, a computer bag for work, and perhaps a cooler of food to eat throughout the day, right? Making a point to prepare yourself for each day can prevent missing workouts and lower stress in your busy life.

From all of that practice should come great skills that will carry over and have you race ready on the big day. A few tips (I made the mistakes so you don’t have to!) to set you up for a successful triathlon:


  • Pack everything the night before.
  • Prepare your snacks and drinks the night before.
  • Try to get to bed at a decent time (because of the next tip!).RACE DAY!
  • Wake up early enough to get your body moving and go through your dailymorning routine. Have a breakfast that you have eaten on a training day.Something easy on your stomach and nutritious.
  • Arrive at the race venue when transition opens (yes, it’s early but you will havethe best parking and avoid lines).
  • Check in at the registration desk for packet pick up if you do not have it yet.
  • Go to body marking if it is available and Rack your bike and set up transition.
  • Rack your bike and set up your transition area.IMPORTANT
  • Make a mental note of where your transition area is in relation to the swim exit,bike out, bike in, run out, run in. This can prevent time lost searching for yourstuff!
  • Control what you can – nutrition and attitude. Nutrition should have beenpracticed during training. Don’t try anything new on race day. Attitude is everything and can make or break your race. Have fun and if something goes wrong, it’s OK! You are not doing this for a living. Just move on and learn from race day mishaps.
  • Again, have fun! If you are organized it will help. Enjoy the people racing and the volunteers. Take it all in!POST-RACE
  • Remove your bike and gear from the transition area as soon as you can to allowthe race organizers to clean up.
  • Enjoy the vendors and find the massage or chiropractic tent. Great for post-race.
  • When you get home, write a race summary. Include what went right, what wentwrong. Share it with your coach if you have one! You can use this information later.Get organized, plan, and let the rest just happen. Race day is when all of your hard work pays off, let the day unfold and embrace every second. Good luck!