Pre-Race Tips

As we get closer to race day, it is very important to finalize all of the small details that can help you have the best race possible.

These details include:

  • write out a race plan
    • A detailed race plan can help guide your mind as you approach the race and can help alleviate stress on race day!Include the following things in your race plan
    • day-before the race nutrition/meals
    • morning of the race nutrition/meal
    • warm-up routine
    • Swim strategy (start position, effort at beginning, drafting strategies, pacing)
    • T1 strategy
    • Bike strategy (pacing, nutrition, hydration, bike mantras)
    • T2 strategy
    • Run strategy (pacing, nutrition, hydration, run mantras)
  • train with your race gear
    • practice swimming, biking, and running in the SAME GEAR that you plan on racing with
    • If a piece of clothing doesn’t fit well or causes chafing, you want to figure that before race day.
    • If you plan on wearing a wetsuit, be sure you can get it off easily
    • Be comfortable with your jersey pockets (tri jerseys have smaller and tighter pockets than a bike jersey, so if you rely on jersey pockets for nutrition or other things on race day, be sure they fit in your tri jersey)
    • If you put different water bottles on your bike for the race, be sure you can access them and be sure you can get on and off your bike without knocking the water bottles off
    • If you use race wheels, be sure you brakes work, your shifting is smooth, and the tires aren’t rubbing the frame or brakes (also, if you use carbon rims, be sure that you swap out your brake pads for carbon-compatable brake pads)
  • practice your nutrition plan at race intensity
    • Be sure that you have tested the type of calories you plan on consuming on race day. This included not only eating these on easy rides and runs, but AT RACE INTENSITY. Your gut behaves differently when you are exercising at a high intensity, so be sure to practice eating while going at the pace you plan on racing
  • practice your pre-race and race routine
    • Dial in your nutrition for the day before and morning of the race. Practice this nutrition plan this weekend (or sometime before the race)
    • Go through a “mock triathlon” in which you swim, transition from swim-to-bike, bike, transition from bike-to-run, and run.
    • Test your race plan (that you have already written!!!)
  • practice transitions
    • Free speed with efficient transitions!
    • A smooth, methodical transition will ensure that you get from one discipline to the next as quickly as possible

The best laid plans don’t always work, so be sure to have back-up plans in place (like alternative nutrition, strategies for excessive heat/cold, and… flat tire repair!)

With proper preparation, you can focus on executing the plan on race day. The nervousness and stress will come with the excitement of actually doing the thing you have been training for (not stressed about you lack of preparation!).

Lastly, race with NO REGRETS! When the race gets tough (and it will!), and you are faced with a decision to mentally give up or not… think about how your decision will feel Sunday morning (the day after the race)… Make decisions during the race that you will be proud of the morning after. Even if your race-day decision leads to a less-than-optimal outcome, at least you will know that you followed your heart and didn’t compromise. This peace of mind allows you to have NO REGRETS!

See you at Innsbrook Friday!!
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