Active Rewards by Ultramax Sports
We understand that staying fit and active is not easy. We also know you have a purchase choice and we created Active Rewards to THANK YOU every time you choose Ultramax Sports!

10 Top Reasons to begin Active Rewards by Ultramax Sports

1Because email is awesome and we feel the internet is not just some random fad, after all.

Rewards spend like cash!

Rewards apply and accrue right on the spot, meaning you can apply them to the purchase you want to make at the time you make it.


No annual membership or fees.

No cost to join. Ever.


No punch cards to carry.

Because who needs another annoying card to carry around and risk losing, right?


Earn unlimited Rewards.

There is no limit. None. Have a big family and or you want to outfit the whole neighborhood, just because you can? Then get ready, because the Rewards will just keep on piling up…


No expiration date.

Like. Ever. (This even includes every 15th Tuesday at 4pm…)


Earn Rewards on all regular priced… well, everything!

Rewards accrue on all regular priced store purchases, including race entries, training programs and clinics. So pretty much anything you drop by the store for that’s regularly priced – race entries, gear, that next awesome training group you’ve been tempted by – it all counts as long as it’s regularly priced!


No usage restrictions. Use your Rewards for any store purchase.

Your rewards can be applied to anything, even clearance or specially-priced items. Want to register for one of our races because you bought a bunch of shoes? Sweet. Let’s do this. Need a bunch of tasty Clif Bars and a new pair of tri shorts because you just registered the family for a triathlon? We’ll be here when you’re ready.


The entire family accrues Rewards together.

See above. Because kids are expensive, you might as well grab every little advantage you can. (Unless you don’t want to… that’s fine, too.)


The best way to earn free stuff– it adds up fast!

And who doesn’t love free?
(In case you don’t love free, let us know. We’ll find you a great charity or participating kids track club you can donate your Active Rewards to.)